It starts with a plan and ends with living out your dreams. You're ready to retire. We're here to simplify the process.

While every client is unique, we hear a few retirement goals over and over:

  • Achieve financial security
  • Maintain a comfortable lifestyle
  • Make it stress-free

Our first job is to sit down and listen. In person. To your needs, goals and often your fears. We want to develop a holistic understanding of you and your family. Then we work together on a plan that takes you through all the complex decisions required pre- and post-retirement.

Most importantly, it doesn't end with a plan. We'll set up regular meetings - as often as you'd like - to make sure everything stays on track. And because the KWS team focuses exclusively on retirees, we can anticipate many of the challenges you and your family will face throughout your life. You can look to us for help in every aspect of your retired life:

  • Financial Planning
  • Investing Before and After Retirement
  • Moving, Consolidating and Distributing Assets
  • Pensions and Social Security
  • Mitigating Risk
  • Estate Planning
  • And lots more...
Ready to learn more?
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